CyanogenMod 9 RC2 Rolling Out

While many of our minds are on Jellybean nowadays, CyanogenMod the premier aftermarket Android ROM has released their second release candidate for their customized Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich builds.  For those unaware CyanogenMod started back in the early days of Android and quickly turned in to the Android power users’ go to for speed, stability, and features for many devices.  It takes the existing Android Open Source Project and creates their own software with added features, in many cases they beat the manufacturers to releasing fully functional updates for devices and continue to support devices long after the manufacturers have deemed them “End of Life”.


The CyanogenMod team’s lovable new mascot Cid

CyanogenMod is officially available for over 100 devices in some shape or form with many unofficial builds for other devices because of the complete open source nature of the project.  The latest release adds support for a handful of new Samsung devices including Galaxy S II variants and the international version of the Galaxy S III.  The team has said that this build is stable enough to be “product that you’d let your mom use”.  I personally put CyanogenMod on my mom’s smartphone before I even let her see it so I’m excited to see how CM9 is on some legacy devices.  What do you think, has the long wait for CM9 been worth it?  Hit the source link for all the details.


Source: CyanogenMod 9 RC2


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